Investment Strategy


Deep Innovation

Invest in “deep innovation” based ideas driven by science and technology that are path-breaking with high profitability potential (and socially relevant for broader impact).

Key Sectors

Encompass key sectors such as Healthcare Services (digital health, healthcare value chain integration), Medical Devices, Bio Tech, Agriculture & Food Processing (crop yield, precision farming, food adulteration), Clean Tech (Air, Energy & Water) and any sector transforming itself through AI and Machine Learning.


Target Companies

Target companies with game-changing ideas:

  • New product, method, tools

  • New markets or customer segments

  • New cost/value equation



Enter at early to mid-stages: primarily series A and series B - prior to exit. This will allow the fund to play in the early value creation game and yet avoid seed stage investment risk. Further, the inherent risk of venture investment will be managed by balancing the portfolio across stages, technology domains, industry sectors and investment ticket sizes.